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title: we're dust in the spotlights
fandom: the hunger games
characters: multiple unnamed mentors; implied POV johanna, brutus, and cashmere, among others.
word count: 3057
disclaimer: not mine.
synopsis: twelve deaths from the 74th hunger games, seen through the eyes of the mentors.
notes: this was hard to write. inspired by a mentor stories drabble project i did over on tumblr, but took on a life of its own. title is from the hold steady's "slapped actress."

They’re good kids, but they don’t need to see the other side. They don’t need to see what happens to the winners. They’re better off now, dead in an instant with no lifetime of lines to toe and people to please.Collapse )
set yourself on fire.

the hunger games. once upon a time, there was a girl on fire, and there was a peacekeeper's daughter who doused her flame in blood. OR, that AU where clove becomes the mockingjay. victor!clove/gale and past clove/cato. rated pg13. 1404 words.

the scratches and jagged edges that turn her into a living map – this is where Cato told me he’d kill me someday, this is where I laughed and told him to dream bigger.Collapse )
Title: history books forgot about us
Fandom: the hunger games
Pairing: johanna/finnick
Word Count: 3656
Disclaimer: i don't own 'em, suzanne collins does
Summary: happy endings are bullshit; they're two broken people doing the best they can. AKA that AU where finnick lives, annie dies, and johanna is troubled.

In this block of cells at the Capitol, Annie screamed for Finnick and Peeta screamed for Katniss and Johanna had no one to scream for.Collapse )

A mix for Marvel, Glimmer, Clove, and Cato. Because they're victims too, duh.

under the cut.Collapse )
Title: Wondering If I've Got A Soul
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters/Pairing: Clove, Cato, slight hints of Clove/Cato but nothing extraordinary, sorry gang.
Rating: PG-13ish?
Word Count: 3107
Warnings: Major character death, kind-of graphic violence but it's really not that bad.
Disclaimer: I own nothing within.
Summary: Clove came here to win. You'd be a fool to think she won't follow through.
A/N: Part II of my Careers series. Apparently this is a thing that's happening now. This isn't as shippy as I intended it to be, but hey, that's okay too. Title is from Ted Leo's "Counting Down the Hours," if you were curious.

''I'm going to kill Katniss Everdeen.''Collapse )
23 March 2012 @ 07:49 pm
Title: Born to Die
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Pairing: Glimmer/Cato
Rating: R
Word Count: 2489
Disclaimer: I own nothing within.
Summary: She was bred for slaughter. He was made for glory. Alliances are a funny thing, you see.
A/N: What is this ridiculousness? I don’t think this pairing is even hinted at anywhere in the books, but I totally saw it in the film, and apparently I’m writing it anyway. Here’s my thing about the books: yes, they’re really great, and I like them a lot, but I’m more interested in the rest of the world Collins created. And frankly, out of all the tributes from the first book, the Careers are the most fascinating to me. So now this thing exists and I make no apologies! None!

She doesn’t realize it now – won’t realize it until the tracker jacker poison has almost gripped her mind entirely – but she ceased to be a human the moment she walked onstage at the Reaping.Collapse )
07 July 2011 @ 01:24 pm
Title: The Businessman and the Bureaucrat
Fandom: Parks and Recreation/Arrested Development
Pairing: Leslie Knope/Michael Bluth
Rating: PG13
Author: herosquad
Word Count: 4828
Disclaimer: I own nothing within.
Summary: Michael Bluth wanted a new life. Leslie Knope wanted a new job. This is a love story about two workaholics. Set post-series for AD, pre-series for Parks.
A/N: So this happened. I wrote Parks/Arrested crossover fic, and I have no excuse for it, other than that I have nothing to add to the Leslie/Ben pantheon that hasn't been written better by more capable writers, and thus decided to take a very different tack toward this pastfic that has been percolating in my mind for a while. My only regret is not being able to shoehorn some Ann in there, as I think she's one of the show's most interesting characters, but since she and Leslie don't actually meet until the pilot, it wouldn't have quite worked. If this makes you sad, just go look at some pictures of Rashida Jones, then come back and read this.

It's hardly a question. Of course he'll go to dinner with Leslie Knope.Collapse )
06 February 2011 @ 03:38 pm
Title: Intriguing Possibilities
Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Pairing: Ben/Leslie, established
Rating: PG
Author: herosquad
Word Count: 3847
Disclaimer: I don't own it, ~Ken Tremendous~ does.
Summary: How Ben Wyatt became the Rahm Emanuel of Pawnee, only with all of his fingers intact, and a slightly sunnier disposition.
A/N: This is pure silliness. I mostly just liked the idea of Ben running for mayor in order to stay in Pawnee for a long time as well as trying to keep a newish relationship with Leslie on the DL. Basically, think of this as a season 4 fic. All thanks to shornt for yelling at me until I finally got it done.

This is what Shauna Malwae-Tweep reported. The rest, as they say, is history. Or an historical footnote in the making.Collapse )
03 September 2009 @ 01:37 pm
Title: Back Home to the West Coast
Fandom: Arrested Development
Pairing: George Michael/Maeby
Rating: PG
Author: herosquad
Word Count: 2732
Disclaimer: Mitch Hurwitz owns them, I just wish I did.
Summary: "When George Michael tells her that they're probably going to be staying in California for the rest of the summer while his dad deals with the technicalities of Gangee's parole and Uncle Buster's hand transplant, Maeby refuses to celebrate."
A/N: This is sort of what I feel like the GM/M plotline in the movie should be. You know, if the movie ever happens. Title is from "West Coast" by Coconut Records.

we both go together if one falls down, i talk out loud like you're still around.Collapse )